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The worst/best of the 90s on a glass harp.

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All of my favourite subjects in one beaut Venn diagram!

All of my favourite subjects in one beaut Venn diagram!

Apr 5

Art Paris Art Fair


Art Paris Art Fair

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Mar 31

In a live edition of Culture File, Róisín de Buitléar and the RTE National Symphony Orchestra make some music on the artist’s glass instruments.

Mar 28

Richard William Wheater: The Practice of Poetics

by Karen Donnellan

The following article was published in Glass Art Society news Spring 2014 Volume 25 , Issue 1


Site, Time and Transience

Richard William Wheater’s site-specific neon artwork is marked by its vibrancy and its sincere connection to site and its audience. Having grown up in a small working class town in the northern England, he consciously strives to make and present work in a way that is accessible to a broad audience, even those not familiar with contemporary art. For the same reason, he shies away from tools like artist statements, which act as a barrier, “I want people to interpret [my artwork] as they see fit… I don’t want to exclude anybody. It’s always been important to me ever since I started writing lyrics.” Wheater’s years as a lead singer and songwriter in a local band are the foundation for the poetry in his work and have influenced his love of song lyrics as titles. Case in point are his pieces I’m Electric, you’re Electric and the endearing 12 Months of Neon Love, which was developed in collaboration with Victoria Lucas. 12 Months of Neon Love, is comprised of a series of 12 well-known love song lyrics, each written in glowing neon, and displayed on the roof on the Neon Workshop, one lyric per month from 2012-13. The massive piece was installed in clear view of the Leeds-London train line and garnered… 

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Mar 25


A few preliminary shots of the rear projection work we made and installed at the Toledo Museum of Art, Ohio.

Photography by Tom Brooks

Mar 18

Here are a few shots from our hotshop demonstration last Friday night at the Toledo Museum of Art.

We were working on a rear screen projection piece that will be filled with water. Photos to come—it’s almost ready to go.

Photo credit: Bill Hamilton

Mar 16

We’re just getting warmed up at the TMA.

Mar 15

Well, we got here! 


It’s the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio for the next installment of J/K. Our residency in the TMA Glass Pavillion will run for one week from March 14-19th. We’ll mostly be working in the hotshop on a new rear projection installation. Can’t bloody wait!

A lecture on our work and practice in the Glass Salon is scheduled for 7pm on the 14th. This will be followed by a demonstration from 8-9pm, so if you’re in the area…

Mar 13

I’m just back from a retreat residency near Cill Rialaig, Co. Kerry on the South West coast of Ireland. I drew, painted, meditated, wrote, read, hiked and recorded a lotta lotta sounds in preparation for a solo show coming up in August. I’ll post more about this project as it progresses. For now the working title is “The Sound of a Circle”.

Living in such solitude made for a very reflective time. It was great to get in the flow, working experimentally with no one to answer to. I find that development stage to be a delicate one. The next step is to get working with my sound designer to look more closely at the recordings and see how they could be translated into form. To this end, my research homework is on the “spectral analysis of sound”. Eeep! Not knowing is the only way for me and the scariest.

Mar 1

I’m on a pilgrimmage to the Cill Rialaig Artist Retreat today for a week and a half. This little place is taking one bus, one tram, two trains, another bus and a taxi to get there. Retreat is right! It’s in the wilds of the Kerry Gaeltacht  and I forgot my Foclóir.

The plan is to get some new work off the ground for a solo exhibtion coming up in August. (More on that soon.) I’ve got a litre of indian ink, a bucket of emulsion, reams of paper and a sound recorder in tow. See you on the other side!

Feb 26
Next show at Space Craft, Belfast…
The Craft & Design Collective presents MADE from Friday 7 March to Saturday 26 April 2014. The Selection Panel was made up of Kim Mawhinney, Head of Art, National Museums Northern Ireland and Elise Taylor, Curator of Applied Art, National Museums Northern Ireland. 

A catalogue has been produced to coincide with the exhibition complete with images of the selected pieces.

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